Corrupt and Ineffective

 Everything must begin with fixing the government. Every "solution" that comes from our broken Congress will only be a band-aid until we do. The proof is in our history of immigration reform, healthcare and more. Until we can raise the standard of behavior for our Elected Representatives, we will be forced to push problems onto a future generation. We will begin to fix it by bringing radical transparency and partisanship to the 5th District Office. We will install a 24/7 streaming webcam and provide full financial transparency online for all registered voters. Elected Representatives have lost the trust of the American People and they should behave accordingly. This will begin to turn the tide of back-door deals by exposing which elected officials cannot defend their positions in a debate.



Overhaul and audit

Teachers need to be the highest paid public servants in Louisiana, and they should be paid in relation to their experience and skill. Educating our kids for a meaningful future is long overdue, to include emphasizing the trades. Our district should not have to look far to find highly skilled welders, mechanics and other artisans. Our schools should also offer refresher training to citizens so they can stay current on changes to their profession. Our kids also need to be taught life skills like managing bank accounts, supporting themselves and doing the things adults are faced with, like applying for loans and starting a small business. I will initiate legislation that increases school funding while holding our school administrators to strict accountability standards, making sure every cent spent on education is going where it does the most good.


American schools should be cathedrals- every piece of stone placed with love and reverence. We should reevaluate what we are teaching our kids in school!


“A diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”


The path to our district's prosperity

America feeds the world, and Louisiana's 5th District is America's farm. Too many children and adults today have no pride in their community, nor knowledge of it's importance. The Farm Bill should be re-evaluated to prioritize farmer's needs above SNAP benefits and pointlessly inconsistent environmental regulations. American history has taught us valuable lessons on the importance of Louisiana's Agriculture and we should never forget them Agriculture is the lifeblood of our district. Without it, our parishes and towns can't survive. My job will be to make sure our farmers are not held back by burdensome federal agriculture and foreign trade policies. I will support efforts to get Louisiana's top notch agricultural products to as many markets as possible, with the most favorable prices possible.



Dignity and Security are rights

We have to rethink how we combat poverty in America. I believe the best way to stimulate the local economy is to raise the amount of money that's in people's pockets. The easiest way to do this is to reduce taxes for business. The Federal Tax Rate for a business should be directly linked to the amount of money and benefits paid to its workers. The more money employees make, the less taxes the business should pay. This allows a business to make a profit paying their people more, providing the best incentive for all profit models. The lack of tax revenue will force the government to evaluate its size and role, opening a window of opportunity reduce its size and scope.

Government should not take bread from the mouths of those that earn it. I'll champion efforts to reduce taxes on any business that takes good care of their employees, encouraging them to do the right thing without stepping on their necks to do so. There should be no limit to the tax reduction, and it should be tied to the employer's generosity. I also believe in teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish. Solutions to  poverty should also not be couched in racial terms. While a disproportionate number of America's poor are minorities, policies that help the poor regardless of race are a tide that will raise all ships. Associating poverty with race is not only racist, it is unhelpful in dealing with the problem that affects so many people in our district.



100% privatized

A Good society takes care of its people, and there is a role in society for the government. Obamacare tried to tackle that problem, but rather than help, its good intentions drove costs up and choices down. We have to accept two things; there are no easy solutions, and that health care is a business with profit as its objective. Government’s role is to help society and the healthcare industry find the right balance of access to care and profitability. Right now we our system is oriented on healthcare solutions for the 10% of Americans that are critically or chronically ill, and pass the costs on to the 90% of Americans who rarely need more than an annual flu shot. Our first priority is to satisfy the healthcare concerns of the 90% of Americans who rarely need expensive, specialist care, so we can then zero in on the complicated solutions for the 10% requiring specialized and more expensive care. While there are no easy solutions, America is about individual liberty and choice. Health savings accounts (HAS) that enjoy the same tax exempt status as employer provided health insurance is the centerpiece of my policy. These allow Americans to evaluate their own health care requirements an invest accordingly. It also allows citizens to establish buying pools that can negotiate lower costs with larger providers. My policy would eliminate the ACA health insurance mandate by allowing HSA’s to count as health insurance. HSAs also help avoid the sticky problem of forcing insurance providers to cover the otherwise uninsurable and those with terminal health conditions, and give citizens the choice of how much they need to save against future health care problems.




During my last year in the Army, I struggled with my PTSD. I was fortunate to have a great Chain of Command which made sure I had the time I needed to get well. But during this time I studied spirituality and the science of consciousness, which opened my eyes to our ignorance of human life. No doctor, theologin or philosopher can tell you when human life begins. We can make an educated guess, but at some point between conception and birth- something happens that turns a group of cells into a baby. We don't know when, and we don't know how. We can't even agree on a basic definition of what "human consciousness" is. I believe we should humble ourselves in our understanding of life. If we don't know when a human life begins, we should err on the side of caution and assume that from the moment of conception- it is a human life. This is the most difficult discussion to have in America today, and for good reason. It is a direct conflict between the Liberty of the Individual and the Possible Life of a Child. I do not bear anyone ill will for believing differently than me.


However I believe that someday in the future we will understand human consciousness to a greater degree. We may even have guessed correctly. But if we didn't- that's a lot of blood on our hands.


I believe abortion should be illegal unless the mother's life is threatened, as determined by a team of doctors- all of whom must agree. I also believe in contraceptives, sex education and other ways that enable us all to make wise decisions concerning human life.