Matt Hasty, one of three children of a single mother, grew up in Rapides Parish. His mother worked three jobs to make sure they always had what they needed. From an early age Matt not only learned the dangerous temptations in high-poverty communities, but also he learned about the value of a hard day's work. After graduating from Aiken Optional High School, he worked a series of odd jobs the last of which was custodial work at the Riverfront Center. Eventually Matt decided to join the military and enlisted in the Army in 1999 as a computer systems specialist.


After completion of his initial training, Matt began a series of assignments that would give him experiences beyond anything for which he could have hoped. On assignment he travelled to Germany, New York City, Korea, Israel, Portugal, Kuwait, Poland- and many more. As a Soldier he slept in the dirt and enabled Multiple Launching Rocket Systems that can destroy a square kilometer with a single shot. As a Sergeant he met with tribal leaders in Afghanistan and led a communications platoon in Iraq. Matt served as an instructor at the Army's Signal School in Georgia for years, mentoring Sergeants, Officers and Warrant Officers. He supported American Special Forces around the world with his experience and expertise. After 10 years of service, he was selected to serve as the personal communications aide for the Commanding General of US Army Europe. After 15 years of service he was selected to become a Warrant Officer, a rank intended for those with technical expertise, as well as increased leadership and management skills. After 20 years of honorable service, Matt retired at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Two. During his time in service he completed six technical certifications, a Bachelor's and Master's Degree and was awarded 14 medals  for exceptional service- including the Bronze Star.


Shortly after his retirement, the VA awarded Matt a 100% permanent and total disability rating, qualifying him as an American Disabled Veteran. His income was secured for life, and with 20 years of Army experience, he was offered jobs earning $160,000 a year.


But during his time in the military Matt learned the importance of Service. As an American, Matt refused to settle for a high-paying job over SERVING his country. He decided to dedicate himself toward a new goal:  the restoration of the American Republic. He sold his motorcycle and his home and decided to run for US Congress.


The lives of the people of Louisiana's 5th District did not improve much in the 20 years Matt was serving in the Army. Decades of political lies have created an atmosphere of frustration in constituents; this frustration creates a constituency who refuses to listen to anything. The elected leaders or their benefactors who benefit from the current system use Americans against each other. These political lies create the apathy and anger of voters which thereby keep the elected leaders in power.


But nothing worth having is easy, and Matt Hasty believes America is worth having. So he assembled a team of trusted friends who agreed to rage against the dying of the American Light.


His team agreed that the root cause of many issues is ineffective and manipulative government; therefore, they agreed on a platform that would show the voters we are different from the rest.


Matt has promised:

  1. - 24/7 streaming webcam inside the Louisiana 5th District Congressional Office. Our elected representatives have lost the trust of the voters; therefore, our representatives should be held accountable through constant surveillance while in their offices.


  1. - Full financial transparency. All registered voters in Louisiana's 5th District will be able to access Matt's finances. Paychecks, rent, bills- the People of Louisiana deserve to see what kind of income their Representatives are getting while serving their interests.


3)- Bipartisan teams. Matt has offered a position on his Congressional Staff to every other candidate in the race. Republican or Democrat, his team believes that every single voter in the District deserves to have their voice heard in Congress.


You will hear no other candidate make these promises for two reasons:


1.- All three promises are 100% within the control of the candidate, so there is no excuse to give you when they don't do it.

2- If they did so, they would have to change their behavior based on who is watching.


Matt has dedicated his adult life to the defense of America. He has been divorced twice but has been blessed with a 7-year old angel named Anastasia. He worries about her future and the future of all American Children.


Through the Army, Matt has learned values that he will bring to our Congress: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. He can think of no institution in America that needs those values more than the US Government.


Vote Matt Hasty for US Congress, and let's fix our country- together.




Committed, honorable and open. Transparency is the name of my game. I dont think many people trust congress. I aim to change that for our district. My thoughts and work are an open book, and you will always have a voice with me, and always be sure of where I stand on issues and that I am doing right by you.

Republican candidate for Louisiana's 5th district